“Money well spent. We were exceptionally pleased with the value we got in the short time we had you. The benefit of your coaching was: You got us focused on our audience – who we were talking to and what message we wanted them to hear.  You guided us through a review of the words, phrases, tone of voice we were using. In other words, is what we think we are saying the same as what you were hearing?  Your experience helped us quickly cut to core value points that would benefit or be of interest to our client and you helped us provide meaningful and validating support statements. The major benefit was that you took the “noise” out of the presentation – anything that could diminish, skew or take our message off its intended track - whether that was verbal in the use of words, or physical in the way we used (or misused) body language.” Executive Director, Business Development

“What I used from our coaching sessions:
- crisp sound bite right up front on key message
- kept formal talk to < 20 min
- used specific examples (and the heroes who led them)
- used “you/us/we” rather than “me/I”
- invited them to help
- put a positive spin on the exciting change challenge we had ahead
- transitioned to the open discussion by picking out a few of the heroes
to reinforce positive messages
When we reached the open discussion, wide popular support towards the road ahead.  Two specific ideas came out that sound very
promising – I celebrated them right there and then. We’re focusing now on what we need to do to sustain the momentum. Pat – your help shaping the message and delivery were invaluable!” Senior VP/Business Leader, $20+billion international company

“The team is still talking about what a tremendous help you were to them. What stood out for me as the most helpful was making us re-examine (key proof point). That turned the tide and the whole conversation. It was then that I could see J gain confidence as she used it in her answers and that was the key.” Vice President, Retail Communications, top 50 Canadian company

“He did well. His presentation and more importantly his answers to questions were tight. His state of mind is great which he credits to you. Thank you for that.” Vice President, Corporate Affairs, major financial services company

“D spoke with me shortly after giving her speech at (ABC University). She was very happy with the event and her performance – she said that she felt far more at ease after your training and that she received a warm reception with people laughing and enjoying her speech far more than she expected! At one point she flubbed a line but instead of being flustered she just laughed and said ‘let me start that again’ and resumed with confidence. She also had a number of complimentary comments from the audience after her speech.” Director, Public Affairs & Communications Department, top five pension plan.

“He was great. Best we could have hoped for. Your help on Friday certainly helped him fine-tune the messages and he handled Q&A really well. I’m sure he’s relieved it’s all over! I think we all are.” Director, Communications & Public Affairs Department, regulatory organization
“Your ‘(phrase)’ and ‘(phrase)’ were great additions that made his remarks sing, very media-friendly. He did really well, especially in Q&A – we were very proud of him!” Senior Editorial Advisor, regulatory organization

Speech Coaching Progression:  Speech One: “Thank you for the coaching. It really works.”

Speech Two: “It went very well. I think I did better than when practicing. I was able to ad lib a little at the beginning which warmed the audience and me up. Kept my voice up by using big highlighter arrows. I got several very good questions, received compliments afterwards and queries as to when the speech would be posted on our web page. The icing on the cake is that an old colleague of my spouse, whom I don’t know, was there. He sent an email to my spouse afterwards saying that I was a great speaker. I credit all this to two things: a topic I care about and your coaching. I cannot thank you enough.”

Speech Three: “Went very well. The audience was very attentive (about 600 people). I could feel it. All kinds of positive remarks afterwards. The one that struck me most was from a lawyer who represents the Z group. He said that there was an immense feeling of relief among the Z’s simply because they believed, from my speech, that (my organization) ‘got it’, really understood their difficulty and was trying to do something about it. Thanks so much for your help. I’m actually beginning to enjoy public speaking.” Board member, provincial regulatory agency

“That was an effective training session. Probably the best I’ve ever had. I saw so many things I have been doing wrong!”  Sales Manager, international financial products company

“I think it went very well. I had positive feedback especially around the clarity and the strength of the message. I have enjoyed working with you and honestly learned a lot. I will get in contact with you again for my next big presentation.” President, Consumer products company

“Much, much better. He was confidant and persuasive. Your ‘personal brand’ coaching was perfect.” Senior Director, Communications, top 50 Canadian company

“Your sessions were very useful.  The techniques you gave me worked very well and things have improved significantly.” Head, European Sales, financial institution

 “It was a great pleasure and great learning with you. Talking and exercising 1:1 for three hours on videoconference might appear long for many  – with you it was like “zzzzzum”. Hope I will remember the good stuff when needed – but for sure I will keep you posted concerning my Monaco presentation. Talked to X and gave you my very best recommendation.” German manager, financial services company, Luxembourg

“The conference went very well and our guys were the best!  They incorporated your advice and were much better than before they met you!
I’m so happy that we’ve started down the road to making these lawyers good presenters!”Communications Manager, financial markets regulator

“Once again, many thanks for the great coaching for (X)!  Wanted you to know that he did just a terrific job on a major presentation this morning to lay out the biggest (project) spend we have ever made.  He got few negative questions and in fact was asked by (CEO) if he thought he needed more $ to get the job done.  The difference in (X) was incredibly striking. He was on his feet talking for a full hour – a one-man show with lots of illustrative material.  It was a world away from the old (X).” Vice President, financial products company

“You were able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in communication and self-presentation in a few short hours that our producers noticed only after months of filming.  Your insight was remarkable.  The training was a MOST effective exercise – beyond all of our expectations.” Television Host (and PhD Psychology)

“Thanks for your expert advice. I felt much more confident in my delivery as
a result. The response has been very positive to date.” CEO, Regulatory Agency


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found it valuable especially in my current role. The techniques you teach can be put in practice right away and I look forward to applying them this very week. Based on what we have learned, we should be very confident in taking control of difficult situations or presentations.” Senior Manager, Process Analysis and Re-engineering, major financial institution

 “I ran into Y and she was delighted with the training.  Said that it exceeded her expectations and that your perspective and recommendations were very helpful and just what she was looking for.” Sr. Director, Communications and Public Affairs, top 25 Canadian company

“Thank you very much for coming in on a Sunday and for the excellent work
with Z. She was very pleased. Said she has been awake nights concerned about her messages for these meetings. You clarified everything for her, clearing out the clutter and simplifying the message. The insights you were able to give her into how to deal with a senior bureaucrat, were absolutely great. I pointed out to her that as her message became more concise and to the point, she had become less hesitant in her delivery, just as you had said she would.” President, communications consultancy

“It was great – he is very pro. Had a panel today and used some of his tips to direct the conversation.” Product Director, major Canadian financial institution

“I got a request for referrals today and here’s what I said about you:
My go-to-guy is Pat McGee…he’s trained folks at the top of the house and I continue using him because of the consistently great feedback. I’ve sat in on his sessions and have learned a tremendous amount myself but more importantly I can attest to the impact and change in behaviour that he affected with many senior clients of mine. I can give a number of references from folks internally who sing his praises and continue to consult him.”
Director, communications and public affairs, top 25 Canadian corporation